What you will learn

The class begins with a brief history of latex fashion, the differences between the techniques of the various designers, and Polly's perspective on the latex fashion scene over the years that she has been involved. She will entertain you with anecdotes and stories, revealing a hidden history that few people have access to.

Then she will review the various supplies that you will need, including the advantages and disadvantages of using specific materials and where to buy the best. She will take you through all the details, answering any questions you have along the way, from glues to patterns to the latex itself.

Then the fun stuff really starts! It's time to get your hands on some latex and try out some techniques. It's a lot trickier than it looks, but with the in depth experience of a hands on demonstration, you'll be gluing like a pro in no time!! Polly gives each student personal attention, making sure that everyone leaves with the basic technique under their belt.

Then it's time to focus, as you take the pieces for the garment you will make and learn how to put them together into a sassy latex skirt! Although most students won't have time to finish this garment in class, everyone will leave with the materials and the instructions to finish off at home.

The last half hour of the class is a show and tell, where Polly will show you all those secret techniques you've always wanted to learn. How to make decorative edges, flounces and ruffles, how to lay in a zipper, and how to applique. NO OTHER CLASS IN THE WORLD TEACHES ALL THIS!!!!

Latex is an incredibly quick and easy fabric to work with once you know the basics. This latex class opens up a whole world of opportunities! Soon you will be making affordable, custom made latex garments for yourself. Even if you don't have time to make your own clothes,This class will teach you the insider tips on how to spot a well made latex garment, making you an educated shopper and a discerning latex buyer.



Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and your skills about latex design and garment construction. I had such a blast! Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you.” Monica

Thanks again for teaching the latex classes. I hope you do more, because youre a great teacher and I’d like to take the advanced class a second time! I’m also excited about a possible corset workshop!”- Mistress Helena

Thank you so much for being willing to share your knowledge with the latex garment making. It is inspiring me and getting me to think in different ways. I enjoy the material very much -now the “secret” is out!”- Theresa